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Established in 1988, Chierda has been a pioneer in designing, R&D, manufacturing radio communication products and solutions with more than thirty years of experience and expertise. Chierda owns an internationalized manufacturing base covering an area of 20,000 m2, with more than 500 employees. Our annual production is over a million units, benefiting over three thousands of customers across the world.,Chierda is dedicated to providing customized and complete professional communications solutions to government and public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business to improve organizational efficiency and make the world safer.

Focused on innovation, Chierda insists that continuous high research and development (R&D) investment should be the first impetus to drive enterprise innovation. Chierda has introduced advanced production technology and various modern high-tech equipment. The company has a fully automatic SMT placement machine assembly line, injection molding machine assembly line and integrated production line, and also uses advanced instruments to detect product performance, such as wireless integrated tester , spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope, adjustable power supply etc., to ensure the stability and high quality of product quality.

Focused on quality, Chierda strictly follows the ISO 9001 standard to arrange the production process, before each product leaves the factory Must undergo various rigorous tests, such as vibration test, pressure test, high and low temperature test, rain test etc., to ensure that the product quality is 100% qualified. Proudly said that chierda's FPY has exceeded 99%. Chierda passed the audit of Amazon, got Sedex certification, some of walkie talkie passed the CE, IC, FCC certification.

Focused on customer value, Chierda have established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many global dealers and partners, providing products and solutions for government and industry customers from more than 100 countries, our excellent quality and service gained the trust of more and more government and industry customers.



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