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In May 1988, Mr. Wu Peizong founded Hongda Electronic Co., Ltd. in Nan'an City, Fujian Province .

In June 1988, Hongda launched the first walkie-talkie.

In Step.,2001, Hongda has established R&D center, which provides a solid foundation for independent brands hit the market, provide a more scientific solution for client's project。

In March 2002, Hongda launched the first self-developed professional walkie-talkie.

In Aug.,2004, Hongda changed the name to Quanzhou Chierda Electornic Telecom Co.,Ltd.

In June 2010, Chierda built our own factory in Quanzhou and moved factory to the new address

In Jan.,2013, Established Tianbao Electronic Telecom Co.,Ltd., introduced Japan's advanced SMT automatic placement machine production line, which is one of the few manufacturers of walkie-talkie manufacturers that can produce their own patches.

In Nov.,2013,Registered the trademark of Chierda

In May 2014,Chierda obtained the appearance patent of 6 walkie-talkies style

In Nov.,2014, Established SOPO(HK) Electronic Iternational Co.,Ltd. It laid the foundation for the company's products to be sold overseas.

In June 2015, Chierda was designated as the communication product of the 13th “China Horse Park” Cup International Quest.

In Oct.,2015, Chierda was designated as the 3rd International Golden Starit Micro-Film Festival.

In Aug.,2016,Chierda was expanded the production line, Introduced advanced automated production equipment and inspection equipment, the product quality and productivity have been greatly improved.



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