Chierda, Listen to your heart


Our Misson:

Technology creates endless possibilities for communication

Provide innovative value to customers

Providing development space for employee

Our vision:

To be the global leader in the radio communications industry

Let the world filled with love

Make communication without barriers

Our perspective:

1.Customer First:Customer are the foundation whom our livelihood depends

2.Integrity Cooperation:Honesty and integrity,Words and deeds open

3.Possibility: Breaking through the mindset, Everything is possible

4.Win-Win: Respect others, Think more for others, and achieve benefit sharing

5.Appreciation: Seeing the strengths of others and the benefits of things sincerely, instantly and indiscriminately

6.Dedication: Professional persistence, Constantly perfecting

Our goal:

Strengthen management qualities, Improving the internal mechanism

Shaping corporate culture,Improving brand influence

Absorbing and training talents,Providing development space for employee, Implementing a win-win strategy



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Tel: +86-0595-28828859


Add: No.8 ZianRoad, JiangnanHigh-techZone, LichengDistrict ,QuanzhouCity, Fujian Province

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