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Don’t worry about the walkie-talkie getting wet! What does

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Don’t worry about the walkie-talkie getting wet! What does the Zerda walkie-talkie teach you?

The rain in March is pattering and draining. It is known that March is a wet season. If the walkie-talkie we use is inadvertently damp, we can use the following methods to reduce the loss:

First, processing;

1, the processing of the circuit board and conductive rubber button:

First, the conductive rubber button of the walkie-talkie is cleaned with absolute alcohol and placed to dry. Then use a sharp tool to remove the dirt between the integrated blocks and the wires, and then soak the circuit board with absolute alcohol. Rinse with a soft brush, put it in a ventilated place, and dry it with a hair dryer. Note that the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, so you can put it with your hand on the board.

2. Processing of speakers and microphones:

Dry the speaker and microphone under the hair dryer, taking care not to overheat the temperature. Speakers and microphones should not be soaked in absolute alcohol.

3, the handling of the case:

Clean the stains in the gap of the intercom housing, soak it in absolute alcohol, wash it with a brush, and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

4, antenna and battery processing:

Check the antenna soft cover for water or moisture, which can be handled according to the circuit board and conductive rubber button treatment. The walkie-talkie battery is divided into a battery block and a battery box. First test the battery and current, and if necessary, charge it. If the battery case is an AA rechargeable battery, it can be easily replaced. Since the battery block is sealed, it must be carefully removed with a knife to replace the broken walkie-talkie battery inside.

Second, the test machine;

After the components of the walkie-talkie are processed, they can be replaced in the reverse order. After the inspection is correct, the test machine can be powered on. It is best to string the ammeter when powering on the test machine. If it is not convenient to connect the ammeter due to the insertion of the battery case, it is recommended to use the DC jack of the fuselage to insert 6~9V DC. Turn on the power for a short time, observe that the current should be no more than 60mA, otherwise there is still a short circuit or leakage in the machine, which needs to be processed. After the current is normal, you can observe whether the frequency display and the emission indicator are normal. Then use the same frequency, intact walkie-talkie to receive and send the test machine. If it is normal, look at the operating current at the time of transmission. For a walkie-talkie with a short talk distance, check the antenna and antenna plug for looseness and oxidation.

When the power is turned on, the current is normal. However, if CL appears or the frequency is incorrect, it cannot be received or sent, which means that the frequency needs to be reset. For a walkie-talkie that uses a lithium battery to “memorize”, such as the HX260, it is also necessary to check the voltage and current of the lithium battery. The voltage of the lithium battery is measured to be 3V, and the short-circuit current is more than 100mA.

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